Egr Failure


  • Lack of Power
  • Engine management light on
  • Vehicle in limp/safe mode
  • Here at Cedar Garage we can carry out all necessary tests to accurately diagnose the fault and whether the egr valve is causing the problem or anything else. On these models they are fitted with two Egr Valves. The main reason behind EGR failure is due to a build up of carbon deposits restricting the movement of the valve sometimes in worse cases the valve can break away and get jammed.

    It is recommended that we first do a diagnostic on the Egr system to verify this is the cause as other failures such air leaks or blockages can cause similar symptoms.

    Fault Codes

  • P040100 Exhaust gas recirculation A flow insufficient detected
  • P040200 Exhaust gas recirculation A flow excessive detected
  • P040300 Exhaust gas recirculation A Control circuit
  • P040400 Exhaust gas recirculation A control circuit range/performance
  • P040500 Exhaust gas recirculation A circuit low
  • P040600 Exhaust gas recirculation A circuit high
  • P133500 EGR position sensor minimum/maximum stop performance

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