Suspension Failure


  • Warning Light on dash Board
  • Slow rise time of the suspension
  • Suspension not rising at all
  • Here at Cedar Garage we have seen this failure many times. The cause is often a worn suspension pump, the remedy is to replace with a new modified part, the original component was made by Hitachi, they were simply not man enough to do the job so now when we replace them we install AMK. As part of the repair we also need to replace the suspension pump relay and load new software to the suspension module. Here Cedar Garage we have all the facilities to carry out the complete repair for you vehicle.

    It is recommended that first we do a diagnostic on the suspension system to verify this is the cause as other failures such as leaking suspension bags, pipes or valves could also give you the same symptoms.

    Fault code often logged: 1A20-64 Pressure increases too slow when filling reservoir

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