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Whether you need your air conditioning servicing, repaired or diagnosed we have the skills and certification to work on the Air Conditioning on your Petrol, Diesel or Hybrid vehicle safely and to a high standard

Air Con Service

The Manufactures state the air conditioning should be serviced every 3 years

When carrying out an Air con service we do a vacuum on the system which eliminates all the moisture from the system as this can cause problems to the mechanical components. We then re-gas the system with correct amount of gas and oil allowing the system to stay lubricated. Additionally to that we add a UV Dye to the system this is to allow us to save you time and money on fault finding should you have a leak or if a leak appears in the future.

If your car is fitted with air conditioning (and 4 out of 5 new cars are), you should have it checked every year, especially if it's not used regularly.

Why do air conditioning systems need to be checked?

Because up to 10% of the refrigerant can be lost every year, and humidity in the system could land you with a large bill

My car has a musty smell inside. Why?

This could be due to an old cabin filter or a worn evaporator.

Why does my windscreen mist up?

This can be caused by a clogged cabin filter. Have the filter changed as part of the Air Conditioning service, and use the air conditioning to demist

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