Breakthrough battery testing technology from Midtronics delivers improved battery testing accuracy and decisiveness

From battery, Starter and Alternator diagnostics to circuit integrity testing at Cedar Garage we have a midtronics tester which is the most versatile and reliable testing equipment on the market and a picoscope which is also the best Oscilloscope on the market to date. This gives us the ability to perform more tests on every modern day vehicle than anyone

  • Direct Temperature Measurement
  • This creates a third dimension to the Midtronics battery test algorithms which helps to improve how accurate the test result is

  • Deep Scan Testing
  • This uses multiple frequencies and test points on deeply discharged batteries to make more decisions so that we can see that charging the battery would be the best and cheapest option instead of replacing it or it will tell us that charging the battery will be to no avail as there is a bad cell or internal short circuit in the battery

  • Enhanced Starter Diagnostics
  • Using the amp clamp on our tester provides an enhanced level of diagnostics beyond just starter voltage drop. When we do our test we check the starter amps draw, Voltage drop, Start time and starter circuit resistance again resulting in more accurate results

  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Capability
  • For Advanced alternator diagnostics the Midtonics tester user DSP capability to digitise the measured alternator output voltage and evaluate the spectral content of the signal. This digitised signal allows it to combine pattern recognition with the amplitude level of the AC signal, again for improved accuracy and identification of open or shorted diodes and open phase conditions, multiple diode failure or winding problems

    Now we know this all sounds very confusing but in laymen terms it means that we can test and diagnose the fault on your vehicle quickly and accurately first time round which could save you hundreds of pounds. Our Motto is "Test not Guess"

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